In our skischool you have the possibility to come for a group lesson or have a private lesson.

Group lessons

In our skischool we are teaching according to your age and your ski knowledge. In the groups there are maximum 8-10 students with 2 ski instructors. The trainings are weekdays afternoons and in weekends whole days. You can come to us to learn snowboarding too for a private lesson.

In spite of our high technical quality our prices are in middle class compared to the other skischools prices.

In the season we have a 6 months long cours until the end of March, which can split into 2 three months period.

The cours will be held weekly 2*1 or weekly 1*1 time.

Course price for 3 month:

  • (weekly 2×1 lesson): 45.000 Ft
  • (weekly 1×1 lesson): 30.000 Ft

In case you pay the 6 month long whole season course we give you a discount!

  • (weekly 2×1 lesson): 80.000 Ft
  • (weekly 1×1 lesson): 54.000 Ft

Sibling discount from the 2. children is 10 % in case of paying the courses.

Private lessons

In our skischool there is a possibilty to have private lessons in optional date and time from morning to evening every day. You have to make an appointment always before your lesson ( personally or by phone) !

Prices of the private lessons:

  • For 1 person (1 lesson): 5.000 Ft
  • For 2 people (1 lesson): 8.000 Ft
  • For 3 people (1 lesson): 10.000 Ft
  • For 4 people (1 lesson): 12.000 Ft

Prices of the Snowboard lessons:

  • For 1 person (1 lesson): 5.000 Ft
  • For 2 people (1 lesson): 9.000 Ft
  • For 3 people (1 lesson): 12.000 Ft

In our ski rental you can rent ski boots, skis and snowboard equipments for plastic ski track.

Rental price for course members (ski+ski boot): 600 Ft,-/occasion

We can give a discount to whom, who pay at the same time the course fee with the rental fee for 3 or 6 months:

weekly 1×1 occasion 6.000 Ft/ 3 months
weekly 2×1 occasion 12.000 Ft/ 3 months

For occasional skiers (ski+ski boot): 600 Ft,-/occasion

Snowboard equipment: 1.000 Ft,-/occasion